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Parents are Billie & Clark

Born: September 6th ~ Ready @ November 29th



Victor ~ Seal Bicolor Boy ~ AVAILABLE ~ $2800

With complete confidence, Victor will prance into your heart like a proud spring stag from the very moment you lay eyes on him. From this little wanderer’s round butterball cheeks to his luxury designer shiny black and white coat that flows around his body, he is picture-perfect. His back has some areas that are white as well as black, giving him a distinct look! His temperament is as sweet and loving too. If he feels like you have neglected your petting duties he will repeatedly brush up against you with his purring motor on high.  Victor is completely waiting to spoil you! If you are looking for a love connection, you may have found it with this little piece of heaven…



Vlad ~ Show Quality Seal Mitted Boy ~ AVAILABLE ~ $2800

Introducing Vlad. He is a cuddle bug who loves attention. Vlad will bring back memories of you snuggling up to your favorite childhood teddy bear. He is a large boy with a HUGE heart and lots of love to sprinkle around.  His coat looks as though it has been dusted in cocoa powder, with a white undercoat peeking out from his dreamy thick coat. When the light dances off the top of his fur, it appears as though it is twinkling like a diamond in the sunlight. He will melt your heart as he bats at his toys with his fuzzy paws. If we didn’t know better we would think there is a bunny rabbit in Vlad’s family tree. He doesn’t walk, he hops around with his little tail merrily swaying back and forth.



Vincent ~ Show Quality Blue Lynx Bicolor Boy ~ AVAILABLE ~ $2800

Here is Vincent, ready to save the day! This little fella is one of the finest dressed kittens in our nursery. He has a silky blue & white striped coat and a cute white mane to match! Vincent even likes to show off his matching striped tail and back. He is quite the character too! He loves to show off his silly kitten antics and is guaranteed to bring lots of love and laughter to his new forever family. Vincent’s round expressive eyes will imprint on your heart. One of his favorite things is to lounge around and hang out wherever the action is happening. Sometimes we even catch him trying to chit chat with the birdies through the window. Vincent is too cute and ultra-charming!


Parents are Athena & Brad

Born: September 10th ~ Ready @ December 3rd


2 Bicolor’s


Parents are Pearl & Clark

Born: September 21st ~ Ready @ December 14th



Xander ~ Show Quality Blue Mitted Ragdoll Boy ~ Reserved for J. DAY ~ $3200

Show Quality Blue Mitted Boy ~ This super fluffy little guy is the complete package! Xander is the most breathtaking dreamy pastel blue coat on the planet! He and his sister Xena look very similar, and only breeders and show people could tell them apart. He’s gorgeous, fluffy, and super lovable. His eyes are a deep blue color. Xander will climb up your shirt and wrap himself around your neck like a scarf. He loves attention and to be close to his human companions. He is one of the sweetest and lovable little fellas ever. Xander is also quite the charmer! He will woo you with his cute kitten antics and silly expressive face! He loves to go to fun adventures and entice the other kittens to play with him. Don’t miss out on adding this handsome guy to your heart and home!



Xavier ~ RARE Blue-Eyed WHITE Ragdoll Boy ~ Reserved for J. DAY ~ $3200

Infused with those irresistible pinch-worthy chubby cheeks, Xavier is sure to warm your heart! This snow-white creamy dream of a kitten loves to snuggle and serenade you with his rumbling purrs. His thick plush silver-white coat is incredibly soft to the touch making him the most snuggly kitty to cozy up to on those cool fall nights. Those plump cheeks always appear to be smiling right at you and Xavier is always in a cheerful mood as he bounces throughout the house going from one adventure to the next. As much as he likes to interact with toys and playthings, he enjoys his human friends just as much. The instant he sits next to you he will roll on his belly and beg for tummy rubs. Sometimes he will even rest his head in your palm and rumble joyously as his purring machine turns on to the max setting. Sometimes he makes the silliest of faces just to see you smile. If you are looking for a new best fur-friend Xavi is sure to make you feel loved and cherished!



Xena ~ Blue Mitted Ragdoll Girl ~ Reserved for C. Policastro~ $2800

Welcome Xena into the world! She is a blue mitted with crystal blue eyes! Her charming purr-personality is sure to capture your heart from the moment you meet her and she flips on her musical purr-box. Her inquisitive side keeps her going from one adventure to the next. She has a beautiful fluffy coat, and she loves to show off her matching white socks! As with all of our kitties she has been raised around small children so she is very “kid-friendly”. Xena is a real-life Angel KITTY!


Parents are Penelope & Mak

Born: September 26th ~ Ready @ December 19th



Yvonne ~ Blue Bicolor Ragdoll Girl ~ AVAILABLE ~ $2800

Oh, those deep blue eyes! With one glance, Yvonne is sure to lure you in with his expressive eyes and perfect purr-sonality. This angel is the complete package. She doesn’t walk, she bounces about and follows you around like a puppy!  She hasn’t found a friend or foe she couldn’t enchant with her personality. Her favorite game is chasing cat-friendly toys around the house as she conquers them one by one. Yvonne also enjoys fluffy feathers that she can stalk and make do her “bidding”. If you are looking for an adorable entertainer, she will make you grin from ear to ear. If you require a laugh or some joy in your life, Yvonne is a sure thing!



Yaz ~ Blue SEPIA Colorpoint Ragdoll Boy ~ AVAILABLE ~ $2800

Meet our handsome little lad, Yaz! He walks like there is a summer breeze gently blowing through his hair like he is a model on the catwalk! Maybe we should have named him Fabio! He has a beautifully marked face and coat. His bold and brilliant blue luxury locks are nothing short of amazing; soft, thick and glorious with subtle hints of dark silver shyly peeking out. The blue coloring trickles down his back like a soothing waterfall! His photos truly do not due him any justice, he is even more gorgeous in person. His darling sweet face and yearning eyes will patiently wait for you to pick up with for extra hugs and kisses. Add this luxury kitty to your heart and home today!



Yazmin ~ Blue SEPIA Mitted Ragdoll Girl ~ Reserved for E. Chang ~ $2800

Yazmin looks like an exotic teddy-bear! Her eyes are evolving into a beautiful emerald green entirely lined with stunning black eyeliner and her little button nose is just too cute for words! Her tiny little ears look like piggy tails sprouting out of the top of her head. I don’t think she could get any more adorable if she tried! Her coat is so soft you will not want to take your fingers out of it. She won’t mind though because she loves being held and cuddled. If this tiny treasure has already wiggled her way into your heart, apply for her below before she gets away.



We are not actively selling the kittens below. You can reserve them, but pictures and info will be available when we are ready and have time.


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Our kittens are gorgeous, friendly, and healthy. We sell show-quality kittens as pets.



Why AngelGirls?

So why would customers select kittens from us over other breeders? Well, to honestly know the answer to that, read our other pages on this website. We want to share our joy (and knowledge) of this amazing breed with everyone. Ragdolls literally changed our lives… See “About Us”…

Many clients are now our friends. We answer the phone after you buy a kitten from us. We want you to be happy and successful with your new baby. We want to place the right kitten with the right family. We rectify problems and exchange kittens. We extensively health test, and only use intranasal vaccines. (No shots!) Our kittens live in our home and are never caged.


Pictures BELOW of Mommies and PAST Kittens to Show MORE Colors and Patterns…

We care about the forever part of these Angel’s lives.


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Angel Girl Ragdolls proudly presents a loving and outstanding crop of ragdoll kittens for adoption. We are a small home breeder with only a few litters a year. Our Ragdolls are family members and are treated royally, as are their kitties.

All our Parents are DNA tested by UC-Davis Veterinarian Genetics Lab for HCM, PKD, Blood Type, and a Full-Color Panel. We also Veterinary test for FIV/FeLV, all with Negative/Normal results.

All of our beautiful and loving Angel babies are raised in our home and never caged. Our human daughters socialize our cats and kittens along with us and our puppy, ensuring playful and social fluffy kittens.

Before they leave here they will have received at least 2 sets of Heska Intra-Nasal Vaccinations. (No shots are given here!)  They will come with a three-year health guarantee*, vaccination records, registration papers,  a carrier, liner, toys, and some food.

They will be litter box trained and have impeccable habits and will use scratching posts.

As with all our kittens, they will be weaned, eating solid food on their own, will crave human contact, and will be ready to start a lifetime with you.

AngelGirls is known for their great customer service and satisfaction, their exceptional home-grown rare-colored ragdolls, as well as the titles their Ragdolls win at cat shows.

Purebred SBT registered AngelGirl Ragdolls come with some of the things you see above. Included: Carrier, registration slip, vaccination records, parental testing, health guarantee.
Extra’s: Pedigree’s range from $25 to $100. Genetic testing ranges from $60 to $210

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All of our retiring Angels come up-to-date with all their vaccinations; and healthy! They are vet checked before delivery and whatever paperwork we already have will be given to the new owner. (This can include Pedigree’s, Registrations, Health Records, Testing Results, etc. etc.) Retiring cats DO NOT  come with our kitten health guarantee’s, only kittens do.


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Girl Visits

Fancy/Clark 9/10
Delilah/Clark 9/12

Here is Yale, ready to save the day! This little fella is one of the finest dressed kittens in our nursery. He has a silky mink blue & white tuxedo coat and a cute white mustache to match!  He is quite the character too! He loves to show off his silly kitten antics and is guaranteed to bring lots of love and laughter to his new forever family. Yale’s round expressive eyes will imprint on your heart. One of his favorite things is to lounge around and hang out wherever the action is happening. Sometimes we even catch him trying to chit chat with the birdies through the window. Yale is too cute and ultra-charming!