Ragdoll Angel Daddies


“Available Kittens!”




“Echoglen Pounce DeLeon of AngelGirls”

~ Quadruple and Supreme Grand Champion. ~ Seal Bicolor – SBT 082107-015 ~ RAG n 03 

Dam: Champion Rockabillyrags Maryann (Seal Mitted ~ SBT 111504-005)
Sire: Double Grand Champion Rockcreek Justin of Echoglen (Blue Bicolor ~ SBT-01406-006)
Tests: Negative for FeLV, FIV, heart murmurs, and Echocardiogram performed by Dr. Wallach in CA. – 06/01/08.
Color/Pattern: Seal Bicolor (BbDD)/High Mitted (S2S2).
Blood Type: A


We are honored that Echoglen allowed us to bring their Quadruple Grand Champion into our home.  Pounce has turned out to be the sweetest boy in the world.  We are happily surprised to find out that he doesn’t spray!  He is a sweet, perfect gentleman.  He is kind and loving with everyone…People, female and male cats, and our dogs.  He loves to find a spot in the sun and curl up on his back. He loves to be stroked and cuddled, and has a wonderful purr machine.  He is very quiet and reminds us of James Bond; handsome, strong, and a total ladies man, complete with his perfect black and white tuxedo!  He has absolutely amazing eye color, and a plush soft coat.  He weighed almost 12 pounds when he came here, and he is now 16 pounds!  This Boy is AMAZING… I can’t thank Laura enough!



“AmberGlades Adonis of AngelGirls”

Lilac Bicolour (Mid High White S4S2) – SBT 011611-034 ~ RAG c 03

 Dam: Grand Champion Amberglade Kieesha ()
Sire: TruMagic Excaliber ()
Tests: Negative for FeLV, FIV, heart murmurs, and DNA negative for HCM and PKD.  (UC-Davis – 3/27/12)
Color/Pattern: Lilac Dilute (bbdd)/Mid High White (S4S2) (UC-Davis – 3/27/12)
Blood Type: A (UC-Davis – 3/27/12)


We have wanted a lilac true bicolor, unrelated to all of our girls and we finally found him!  It took months of searching and planning, to get this wonderful boy from Ely in Australia! She made the trip as easy as a flight across the ocean can be, and it’s not a piece of cake! Nor is it in-expensive! We drove up to New York City to pick him up from International Cargo for live animals!  (we included the first picture we took of him landing in America below!) Adonis came  out of his cage purring and ready to be my new best friend!  He has a HUGE solid head and bulky body, which are difficult to get on lilacs, and we are SO pleased about it!  We are fortunate that we found this cuddly marsh-mellow. We are happy to produce some TRUE BICOLOR (not high mitted)  Ragdolls now at AngelGirls!


“AngelGirls Prince Charming”

Blue Bicolor (High Mitted S2S2) – SBT 110411-034 ~ RAG a 03 

Dam: RidgeCreek Chloe Rose of AngelGirls (Blue Lynx Mitted ~ SBT )
Sire: Rags2Riches Loki (Blue Mitted ~ SBT )
Tests: Negative for FeLV, FIV, heart murmurs, and DNA negative for HCM and PKD. (UC-Davis – 3/27/12)
Color/Pattern: Blue (BBdd)/Bicolor (High Mitted – S2S2) (UC-Davis – 3/27/12)
Blood Type: A  (UC-Davis – 3/27/12)


Here at AngelGirls, we almost exclusively sell pet kittens, as we would worry so much over a baby of ours if it was sold as a breeder, as they do not always have the best lives.  However, we end up selling such gorgeous show quality Angels that we know  would be such great additions to the Ragdoll gene pool.  Every once and a while we keep one of these boys and have a litter or two until we can truly find someone willing to take them to shows were they can show off their beauty and great personalities.  Prince Charming was one we couldn’t bare to part with.  We finally found a wonderful woman named Cecilia who really wanted to not only love him, but take him to shows.  He didn’t do just fine, he became the #1 Show Season Top Winning Ragdoll in CFA for 2014 and 2013. He was the CFA Grand Champion and the Breed Winner and the . He is the father of our next boy, Prince Valiant, a cream bicolor we have here, who is now looking for a forever home..  We miss the way Charming would chirp and coo at us, but are happy he is finally getting the recognition he deserves…

 “Charming won Supreme Grand Champion in just two shows!”


“AngelGirls Romeo ATLAS”

Seal Mitted Lynx – SBT 041812-082 RAG n 03

Dam: TruBlueDolls Trinity of AngelGirls (Seal Lynx Bicolor ~ SBT 100610-039)
Sire: Amberglade Adonis of AngelGirls (Lilac Bicolor ~ SBT-011611-034)
Tests: HCM & PKD 09/03/13
Color/Pattern: Seal Lynx Mitted (BbDd) (S2s)
Blood Type: A


Romeo is a beautiful seal lynx mitted boy who is all personality.  He thinks he is one of our own children!  He can not get enough petting and love and attention from us.  He is the first to greet us in the morning, and the last to meow goodnight.  There isn’t a girl he hasn’t won over with his sweet demeanor and his kitty kisses. Since he is such a love muffin, we only wanted to keep him until he sired a few litters and then find him a furrever family to take him in. However, his babies have been so fluffy and gorgeous that we have to keep him!



“AngelGirls Prince Valiant”

Red Bicolor – SBT 010413-028 RAG f 03

Dam: Jazzmania Carissa of AngelGirls (Blue Cream Tortie Bicolor ~ SBT 101705-000)
Sire: AngelGirls Prince Charming (Blue Bicolor ~ SBT-041811-079)
Color/Pattern: Cream Bicolor (dd) S2S2
Blood Type: A


Valiant is our stunning, large, and fluffy cream bicolor boy. He is Supreme Grand Champion (SGC) AngelGirls Prince Charming’s’ son and a wonderful boy! Valiant is so sweet and cute, that no one who meets him can resist him. I could not resist him from the moment I laid eyes on him. He is an exceptionally affectionate baby boy. He is so devoted to us, and especially my husband. He only has eyes for his people. Valiant loves to sleep in sunbeams and can always find a nook between my husbands arms to curl up in. He purrs like a lawnmower when you pet him and even while you groom him. Valiant is slow to warm up to strangers, but if you show him you’re kind and he decides you are one of his people, his love knows no bounds. He also has a mischievous side, and is full of energy.


“AngelGirls Catza Nova”

Seal MINK Lynx Bicolor – SBT 030513-040 RAG n 03-21 

Dam: AngelGirls Scarlett (Seal MINK Lynx Colorpoint ~ SBT 081611-052)
Sire: Amberglade Adonis of AngelGirls (Lilac True Bicolor ~ SBT 011611-034)
Color/Pattern: Seal carrying blue and chocolate (BbDd) True Bicolor (S4s) Lynx 21 Mink 32
Blood Type: A


A sweet and loving MINK, and also a rare Seal carrying blue and chocolate, which means he can produce lilac kittens too! He is our youngest boy and JUST getting used to being a new dad! Our youngest up and coming king, Catza Nova, who we hope will father ragdoll kittens in all four traditional colors of seal, blue, lilac, and chocolate, as well as some showing lynx markings or mink fur. He is super sweet and friendly, and loves to play fetch and snuggle.


“PrideRagdolls Big Mak Daddy of AngelGirls”


“AngelGirls Captain Jack Sparrow”


“AngelGirls Heavenly Hash Tag”


“AngelGirls Brad Pitt”


(related to many of our kittens)