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Hello there! We are AngelGirl’s! We are a family in a lovely Victorian farmhouse on just under three acres with about 4000 square foot of space in the main house. We are raising our daughter’s and our AngelGirl Ragdolls together all under the same roof.

Family and Hillcrest Manor

AngelGirl’s Ragdoll Cattery, is near the Nation’s Capitol; otherwise known as the Washington, D.C. Metro Area.

Family backyard

AngelGirl Ragdolls live in our home and are cared for by a host of people who love and adore them, including us…

plus our friendly chihuahua, our growing children, and our parakeet, “Conrad Birdie”.

Family Guardian Dog Angel

Above is our rare blue-eyed irish merle chihuahua loving on one of our rare lilac kittens! (We love all things blue-eyed, rare, and adorable!)

Below is AngelGirl’s Living Room in December

Family RoomNancy and Lance in the Living Room
Family Living Room

Below is AngelGirl’s Sunroom off the Family Room

Family Family Room and Blue-Eyed White

Below is one of our nurseries.

Family eat in kitchen

This is our back deck, that we call the Eagle’s Nest. 

This is a labor of love and a hobby for us!
AngelGirl’s Ragdolls are raised UNDERFOOT, and NOT caged. Many say it, few do it.
Our Angels are Family.

Below is AngelGirl’s entryway and front stairs

Family parlour lance

Family parlour

How Did AngelGirl’s Get Started?

AngelGirl’s began this amazing journey in 2001, when newly single mother, Nancy Hamilton, was looking for an unusual companion for her autistic one year old daughter, Victoria.

Young Victoria the AngelGirl

This new pet and family member would need to be easy maintenance (as Nancy had to work full-time), affectionate (to pull Tory out of her shell), fluffy (as this would stimulate Tory’s neurons), playful (to stimulate movement in Tory), never aggressive (as Tory could play inappropriately at times), hypo-allergenic and clean (as Tory suffered from asthma and allergies and used an inhaler), and be able to happily live out it’s life indoors.

This was not an easy task, and while researching every pet imaginable, Nancy stumbled upon a relatively new breed (started in California in the 1960’s) of cat known as the RAGDOLL.  It was known for it’s large size, loving and affectionate temperament, long non-matting coats, serene dispositions, striking appearance, blue eyes, and the tendency to relax in a person’s arms like a ragdoll (hence the name).
AngelGirl Victoria and AnastasiaSoon Nancy had purchased the most amazing creature for her special daughter, nicknamed ‘AngelGirl’.  This Ragdoll started it all!

We now offer Ragdolls not only in the traditional colors of seal and blue, but in all colors, including the rare lilac and chocolate, the bewitching White, rich mink and sepia, radiant red and cream, lynx patterns, torties and torbies in all colors.

Family and seal snuggle


AngelGirl’s Master Bedroom with some of our Blue-Eyed White Ragdoll kittens
Family Blue Eyed Whites in MasterBedroomWe have developed quite a following for offering healthy ragdolls with great personalities and show quality good looks.  Our Ragdolls have won international championships and titles all over the world.  We have been granted the Cattery of Excellence award from the two largest cattery associations, TICA and CFA several years running.

All of our Ragdolls come from Champion-bred lines and we have spent a great deal of money securing the healthiest of cats with the best personalities and colors and patterns in order to breed only the best.  All of our breeding cats are put through genetics testing for HCM, PKD, blood typing, color and phenotyping. Our wonderful vet tests that every Angel is FIV and FeLV free.

We have put a great deal of information into trying to provide as much Ragdoll info as anyone might want on our different web pages.  We provide references and what you will need to have on hand for a new kitty.  We provide the Ragdoll history and give advice on welcoming a new pet into your home. There are details on the colors and the three patterns on our “All the Patterns” and “All the Colors” pages, which includes pictures and diagrams…

Please check out some of our pages. You will be amazed at what you learn!

It is difficult with the number of emails and requests we get to know who is ‘dreaming’ about an angel and who is serious about owning one. We give the most attention to those families who have placed a deposit, as we know they will soon have one of our little Angels.

Thank you for thinking of us!

the royal cat servants…

Lance, Nancy, Katherine, and kiddo’s

Family Lance and Nancy

We originally began as a cattery dedicated to working on bringing back the ‘all-but-lost’ recessive and dilute colors in the Ragdoll Breed, with good practices and genetics always in mind. Our breeding goal was to provide Ragdolls in lilac and chocolate, which were in the lines all along, but not cultivated. When breeding, we keep the highest quality of lines in mind. We make sure to use all SBT registered Ragdolls. (Cats that have not been outcrossed with other cat breeds, at least, for us, not in the last five generations). We have extensively researched feline and mendelian genetics, but always place health, temperament, and overall elegance of the Ragdoll breed at the forefront.

Over time our vision was mainly realized, and we began to expand our vision to include offering Ragdolls in a rainbow of other colors.

Lance holding one of our blue bicolor girls

Family Lance and bicolor

 If you are interested in obtaining an Angel of your own, contact us HERE


  If you are in Virginia, DC, Maryland, or within driving distance, AngelGirl’s can arrange to either bring your newest baby straight to you, meet you somewhere in between, have you come right to our home, or we even offer shipping, which you can read more about HERE.

AngelGirls Cream Bicolor Ragdoll at the airport ready for a flight with us in cabin

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