Angels We’ve Loved

These are all of the Angels We’ve Loved!
They are the foundation of AngelGirl’s Ragdolls in pictures. Plus we tell you a little about them! You might be a Furr-ever Family one day too!


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Angels We’ve Loved

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Second Best Lilac Lynx Bi-Color in TICA 2007

“Champion LapAngels Anastasia Aurora of AngelGirls”
(This link above will show you her pedigree!)

TICA & CFA Champion ~ Lilac Lynx Bicolor ~ RAG c 03 21
2006-2007 TICA’s 2nd BEST Lilac Lynx Bicolor of the Year!

Dam: Racing Rags Tennessee Misty Dawn (Registered as a Lilac Bicolor – turned out to be a Blue Bicolor)
Sire: Ragnarok’s A Touch of Frost (Lilac Lynx Colorpoint ~ tenth best kitten from kitten congress at RFCI 2000 Show in Las Vegas.)
Color/Pattern: Blue (Bbdd) – Known chocolate and lilac carrier/Bicolor Mid High White (S4S2)

Anastasia is the first ‘lilac’ Ragdoll that started AngelGirls. She is a brilliant girl, and thinks she is human. She was sold to us as a lilac lynx point bicolor ragdoll. Breeding (back then they didn’t have the testing made available more recently…) proved she was a blue recessive (Bbdd); still able to produce recessive kittens, like her daughter Annaliese!  She is the house mother and received her Championship status at her first show in TICA & in CFA! Both associations praised her looks and she made a huge impression with other breeders and the judges. She is also perfectly marked. She now resides with her own furr daughter, Bianca, and our client, who is now a dear friend, Linda, in Washington, DC.




(Anastasia’s Daughter)

“AngelGirls’ Princess Annaliese”
(This link above will show you her pedigree!)

~ Blue (Bbdd) Bicolor (S2S2) ~ RAG a 03

Dam: Champion LapAngels/Purrsonable’s Anastasia Aurora of AngelGirls
Sire: Lonerock’s Chocolate Dust of WillowTreeRags (Chocolate Mitted w/ hourglass blaze)
Color/Pattern: Blue (Bbdd) – known chocolate carrier/Bicolor Mid High White (S4S2)

Annaliese is a blue recessive perfectly marked mid-high bicolor. She is Anastasia’s daughter, and got her good looks! She is a BIG girl and a big cuddler & smoocher! It is her face that we have used at the top of our pages and in our ads. She has a face for advertising! We have kept her son, Absolut Prince, who is a Champion and won the Second Best Lilac Bicolor in TICA for 2008. Therefore, beautiful Annaliese retired to the good life, and she now resides in Texas with our client, Mrs. Doss who likes to see her babies face in lights.




“BelilaRags’ Princess Gabriella of AngelGirls”
(This link above will show you her pedigree!)

Lilac (bbdd) Colorpoint (ss) ~ RAG c

Dam: BelilaRags’ Autumn Angel Lily (Seal Colorpoint)
Sire: Champion Blueyed Romeo of BelilaRags (Lilac Colorpoint)
Color/Pattern: Lilac (bbdd) – Colorpoint (ss)

Gabriella is the little prim and proper princess. She has stunningly deep blue eyes for a lilac, which her kittens inherit. She has to be sitting in someone’s lap or she feels neglected. She is a lilac colorpoint from BelilaRags in Minnesota. When she was bought, there was no testing available, and yet, Gabby turned out to be the ONLY lilac we ever purchased who actually turned out to BE lilac! Her mom is Lilly, and her father is Champion winner Romeo of Blueyed Cattery, formerly run by the wonderful Fred & Linda Smith (two breeders who worked closely with the lilac and chocolate genes). All of Gabriella’s kittens carry the recessive and dilutes that AngelGirls is trying to bring back to the Ragdolls. We have kept her beautiful, sweet daughter, Aurora. Gabriella went to live in Massachussetts as a pet in the lap of luxury!



 (Gabriella’s Daughter)

“AngelGirls Princess Aurora Dawn”
(This link above will show you her pedigree!)

Lilac (bbdd) Colorpoint (ss) ~ RAG c

Dam: BelilaRags Princess Gabriella of AngelGirls (Lilac Colorpoint)
Sire: AustinFarms Dimitri of DC Ragdolls (Lilac Mitted)
Tests: Negative for FELV, FIV, and heart murmurs. Distemper, booster, and rabies given.
Additional Tests: DNA Color tested, PKD and HCM negative with certificates.
Color/Pattern: DNA tested Lilac (bbdd)/Colorpoint (ss)
Blood Type: AB

Aurora is SO much like her momma, Gabriella! She thinks she is human and sleeps on the bed every night. She thinks the other cats are beneath her! She always acts like royalty. Prim and proper, she also has the cutest little meow… ‘Roar-Roar’ is a princess, and is royal through and through. She is a complete love muffin, and takes care of everyone’s kittens. She is adored by all who meet her. She passes on excellent deep blue eyes, the sweetest personality, and the SOFTEST, most heavenly fur we have felt yet! Her kittens are divine! Unfortunately in 2011, Aurora had to have a hysterectomy for a twisted uterine horn, and so she has gone to live with one of our clients parents, and we have kept her daughter, “Angelic Victory”



 (Aurora’s Daughter)

“AngelGirls AraBella Bourdeaux”
(This link above will show you her pedigree!)

Seal (BbDd) Colorpoint (ss) ~ RAG n

 Dam: BelilaRags’ Princess Gabriella of AngelGirls (Lilac Colorpoint)
Sire: RW SGC. WillowTreeRags’ Apollo Amadeo (Seal Point Mitted)
Tests: Negative for FELV, FIV, FIP, Coronavirus, PKD, HCM, and heart murmurs. Distemper, booster, and rabies.
Color/Pattern: Seal (BbDd) – known chocolate and dilute carrier of blue and lilac/Colorpoint (ss)
Blood Type: A

We had been wanting a gorgeous Seal Colorpoint who was a true recessive to allow us to have chocolate, lilac, seal and blue kittens, and we finally were blessed with Bella Bordeaux through Princess Gabriella and Apollo! Her father, Apollo, is a Quadruple Grand Champion in TICA and the FIRST Seal Mitted Grand Champion in CFA, “WillowTree Rags’ Apollo Amadeo”.She did well in the show halls, though she preferred being home getting petted. She is the most beautiful shade of chocolate (as a seal) and looks like a Hershey bar. We believe that she may be the first true reccessive (BbDd) Seal Ragdoll produced by SBT Ragdolls since Ann Baker began her breeding program. She is known as the beginning of the success of bringing back the recessive and dilute colors to the Ragdoll breed. We now have her daughters and she went to live with a Ragdoll friend in Israel! Because of our friend in Israel, we have her test results, above.



“AngelGirls CoCo Chanel Latte”
(This link above will show you her pedigree!)

Chocolate carrying Lilac (bbDd) Mitted (S2s) ~ RAG b 04

Dam: AngelGirls Arabella Bordeaux – Seal Colorpoint (on “Angels We’ve Loved” page)and daughter of WillowTreeRag’s Apollo Amadeo TICA’s Quadruple Grand, and Supreme Grand Champion and CFA’s FIRST ever seal mitted Grand Champion!)
Sire: AngelGirl’s Perfect Prince – Lilac Bicolor
Tests: Negative for FELV, FIV, and heart murmurs. Distemper, booster, and rabies given.
Additional Tests: DNA color-tested, PKD and HCM negative with certificates.
Color/Pattern: DNA Chocolate (bbDd)-carrier of Blue and Lilac/Mitted (S2s)
Blood Type: A

People constantly are mesmerized by Coco’s sweet face and cute little birthmark. More than one person has called her Cindy Crawford! She acts like a little girl who loves her mommy, and she is treated like the baby by everyone here! She is a perfectly marked mitted chocolate ragdoll (minus her birthmark), and you don’t know how hard that was to accomplish! She likes to flip her big bushy, fluffy tail side to side when she purrs. We adore her fabulous disposition! There is no where she would rather be than laying on her back in your lap looking into your eyes with deep love and affection. This girl is ALL manners…



AngelGirls Snow White Bunny”
(This link above will show you her pedigree!)

Blue Bicolor ~ RAG a 03

Color/Pattern: Blue (Bbdd) – Recessive blue, carrying lilac/Bicolor Mid High White (S4S2)

Snow White is absolutely stunning… We wanted another blue bicolor carrying lilac to replace our Annaliese. But Snow turned out to be a dominant blue, so she only had blues with our lilac boy, so we found her a FURR-ever home! She IS gorgeous thou, and the mother of the boy who first replaced Prince, “Champagne Bubbles”. She was only about 7 months in these pictures. She now lives the life of Riley as a pet with a friend!



(Trinity, our fantastic seal lynx bicolor, is known as ‘Trinity’)

“TruBlueDolls Trinity of AngelGirls”
(This link above will show you her pedigree!)

Seal Lynx Bicolor ~ RAG n 03 21

Dam: Ridgecreek Chloe Rose of AngelGirls – Blue Lynx Mitted (on “Angels We’ve Loved” page)
Sire: RoyalDolls Nicodemus – Seal Lynx Bicolor (on “Angels We’ve Loved” page.)
Tests: DNA color-tested, PKD and HCM Normal (negative) with certificates from UC-Davis: 05/17/12
Color/Pattern: Seal(BxDx) Lynx (Aa) Mitted (S2s) ~ Results from UC-Davis 05/17/12
Blood Type: N/N = Normal ~ Type A ~ Results from UC-Davis 05/17/12

Trinity is exactly the look we have been cultivating here.  She has it all.  The big bone structure, cushy body with a fat spot in her underbelly, the perfect profile, huge fluffy tail, big lion’s mane, and perfect loving personality; all traits predominantly known in the Ragdoll trait. She loves to be picked up and held like a cuddled baby. She is everything a ragdoll should be, from her deep blue marble eyes to her strong chin and soft meow. She likes to spend time laying in the sun on her back, and she is the sweetest mom; calm and loving.



(Khaleesi Daenerys, our regal lilac mitted, is known as ‘Khali’)

“AngelGirls Khaleesi Daenerys”
(This link above will show you her pedigree!)

Lilac (bbdd) Mitted (S2s) with a blaze. ~ RAG c 04

Dam: Angelgirls Coco Chanel – Chocolate Mitted (on “Angels We’ve Loved” page)
Sire: AngelGirls Prince Shadow – Lilac Mitted (on our “Boys” page.)
Tests: Information date needs posting.
Color/Pattern: Lilac (bbdd) Mitted (s2 s), Rag c 04
Blood Type: Information date needs posting.

    Khaleesi is as strong and regal as she is striking. She is more aloof than many of the other ragdolls, but it is only because she sees herself as the Queen of all. She follows the lilac tradition here of having the kittens with the SOFTEST bunny-like fur, and the sweetest angelic faces! And gosh, who can resist that perfect blaze!  She was named after one of our favorite blonde female characters, Khaleesi Daenerys, from The Game of Thrones.



Seal Mitted ~ RAG n 04 ~ 35

(Seraphina Noel, our mushiest seal mitted, is known as ‘Phina’)

“AngelGirls Seraphina Noel”
(This link above will show you her pedigree!)

Seal Mitted with a blaze, carrying Chocolate  BbDD ~ RAG n 04

Sire: RoyalDolls Nicodemus of AngelGirls
Dam: TrueBluDolls Samantha of AngelGirls
Tests: DNA color-tested, PKD and HCM Normal (negative) with certificates from UC-Davis: 05/17/12
Color/Pattern: Lilac Colorpoint (bbdd) Mitted (S2s) ~ Result from UC-Davis 05/17/12
Blood Type: N/N = Normal ~ Type A ~ Result from UC-Davis 05/17/12
Seraphina carries chocolate, so she can have beautiful chocolate ragdoll kittens.  She is one of our favorite girls.  Shhhh… We aren’t supposed to play favorites! But her personality is just the most affectionate you can find. I cannot type on the computer without her sitting on my fingers. I cannot go into a room without her following me like a puppy dog. The thought of Seraphina, my Angel, makes me feel joyful. Just saying her name makes me happy, and thinking of her what comes to mind is …LOVE…. she is just the definition of love. Every cell of her being is filled with love and sweetness. Her footprint has been laid on my heart so deep, it is unbelievable.



 Seal Mitted ~ RAG n 04 ~ 38

(Cecelia, our cuddly seal mitted, is known as ‘SeaSea’)

“AngelGirls Cecelia”
(This link above will show you her pedigree!)

Dam: TruBlueDolls Samantha of AngelGirls – Seal Mitted Girl
Sire: AngelGirls Tanqueray  – Lilac Boy
Color/Pattern: Seal Mitted
Blood Type: Parents were both A

Cecelia,our cuddly seal mitted, is known as ‘SeaSea’. Cecelia has a very laid back personality. She is sweet and quiet, always ready to sit in your lap and loves all the attention and kindness you are willing to give her. She is a beautiful seal mitted with the most amazing blue eyes. Her coat is very thick, long and luxurious. Her tail and the ruff around her neck are so full and beautiful, they takes your breath away. If her kittens have her personality, they will be the most amazingly and affectionate lap kittens  possible. We just savor every beautiful moment she shares with us!



(This link above will show you her pedigree!)

Dam: Angelgirls Khaleesi Daenerys – Lilac Mitted  with a Blaze (on “Angels We’ve Loved” page)
Sire: AngelGirls Romeo At Last – Seal Lynx Mitted Boy
Color/Pattern: LILAC MITTED {Lilac (bbdd) Mitted (S2s) ~ RAG c 04}
Tests: Blood is not B – and PKD are Normal (negative) from two cleared parents with certificates 
Tests: HCM and Color ~ Results from UC-Davis 05/22/18

“Lilou” is a talker! She is now retired and living with one of her chocolate sons!



(This link above will show you her pedigree!)

Dam: TruBlueDolls Samantha of AngelGirls – Seal Mitted Girl
Sire: AngelGirls Prince Shadow Tanqueray  – Lilac Boy
Color/Pattern: CHOCOLATE BICOLOR {Chocolate (bbDd) Bicolor (S4s), Rag b 03}
Tests: DNA color-tested, PKD and HCM Normal (negative) from UC-Davis (certificate here)
Blood Type: Parents were both A

AngelGirls Sophia is now retired and living the good life in a home all her own!



(This link above will show you her pedigree!)
Dam: AngelGirls Lilou Shay Ray – Lilac Mitted Girl
Sire: AngelGirls Captain Jack Sparrow  – Seal Mitted Boy
Color/Pattern: SEAL MITTED {Seal (BbDd) Mitted (S2s) RAG n 04}
Blood Type: Parents were both A
This beauty has retired!






“Fallondolls Princess Dutchess of AngelGirls”
(This link above will show you her pedigree!)

Seal Flame Tortie Mitted ~ RAG f 04

Dam: MourningDove Taia
Sire: Dollmaker My Neo of FairyTailSland
Tested: Negative for FELV, FIV, FIP, and heart murmurs. Distemper, booster, and rabies.
Color/Pattern: Seal (BbDd) and Flame Tortie (Oo) ~carrier of Blue and Cream, /Mitted (S2s)

Dutchess has deep blue eyes and perfect stance and mitts. She is such a sweetie and will nurse any kitten or lend a helping paw or kiss at any time. Her mother is from famous and very coveted lines, but we didn’t know this when we received her, we just loved her sweet personality. She doesn’t have a bad bone in her sweet body. Some other things we love about Dutchess is that she is a seal carrying all kinds of colors and can also have tortie girls. She has large litters, from six to twelve! We love torties, like Dutchess, as no two faces are ever the same; just like snowflakes! She is the mother of our gorgeous “Addie Rose” and our up and coming “Lorelei.” When we purchased her, she came to us sick, and it took us a long time to restore her health. (This is the lesson of buyer beware…) We are so happy she is finally a beloved lapcat!




(Granddaughter of pure Mourningdove lines.  Daughter of Dutchess.)

“AngelGirls Lorelei Llyra of the Rhine”
(This link above will show you her pedigree!)

Seal Flame Tortie Colorpoint ~ carrying Blue & Chocolate (Lilac) ~ SBT 120108-030 ~ RAG f

Dam: Fallondolls Princess Duchess of AngelGirls – Seal/Red Tortie Mitted from Mourningdove lines
Sire: AngelGirls Prince Cloud of the Netherlands – Blue Bicolor (son of Anastasia)
Tests: October 2010; Negative for FELV, FIV, and heart murmurs. Distemper, booster, and rabies given.
Color testing: Seal BbDd and Flame (Oo) – FYI: there is no test for Red/flame yet. She presents visually as a flame.
Additional Tests: DNA color-tested, PKD and HCM negative with certificates.
Color/Pattern: Seal/Flame (BbDdOo) Colorpoint (s s) – carrier of Blue and Chocolate (which includes Lilac)
Blood Type: A

When you are a breeder of Ragdolls, you want a female who can produce the most color and pattern combinations. It has taken us four generations to get Lorelei! First of all, her grandmother was Mourningdove Taia, which we love. She is also a rare Seal who can have chocolate and lilac kittens, as well as blue! In addition, she is a tortie carrying the cream gene, so she can have Red, Cream, and tortie kittens in ANY color combination! This means that Lorelei could have ANY of the following kittens in any litter: Seal (BbDd), Blue (Bbdd), Chocolate (bbDd), Lilac (bbdd), Red, (OO), Cream (oo), Seal/Red Tortie, Blue/Cream Tortie, Chocolate/Red Tortie, Lilac/Cream Tortie! We can not wait to see what color combinations she has each time! Lorelei is our sweetest girl and acts like the baby of the group! She likes to be carried around! (Please see our “Colors” page for info on the Red gene).



(Daughter of Dutchess)

“AngelGirls Addison Rose Red”
(This link above will show you her pedigree!)

Blue Cream Bicolor ~ RAG g 03

Dam: Fallondolls Dutchess of Angelgirls
Sire: AngelGirls Absolut Prince, 2nd best lilac bicolor in TICA in 2008, and son of TICA Triple Grand Champion Hans Donsen of WillowtreeRags)
Color/Pattern: Blue (Bbdd) Cream Tortie (Oo) ~ carrier of chocolate and lilac/Bicolor-Mid High White (S4S2)

Addison Rose is all play, fun and spunk! She loves to goof around and is the first to teach the kittens how to beg for treats and chase balls! She is always under foot and running here and there! She is beautifully marked, and has the most exquisite butterfly marking on her forehead! Judges adored her looks. Many breeders around the country asked if they could buy her from us! She has beautiful bicolor lilacs, blues and creams, and she has excellent markings for a tortie bicolor! She is Dutchess’ daughter, and we were so glad to have her so we could have a tortie and retire sweet mommy, Dutchess! We have since kept one of Addie’s girls, so Addie went to live with a wonderful family who have a male Ragdoll that wanted company. She now gets all the playtime and attention she so craves!




Blue Cream Tortie Mitted ~ SBT  #022013 031~ RAG A04-Oo

(Lily, our blue tortie mitted with cat-i-tude, is known as ‘Lily’)

“Whispurrlane Lily of AngelGirls”
(This link above will show you her pedigree!)

Dam: Whispurrlane Katida – Blue Cream Mitted Girl
Sire: LionsRoyale Lancelot  – Lilac Bicolor Boy
Color/Pattern: Blue Cream Tortie Mitted
Blood Type:

Lily is our blue tortie mitted girl with cat-i-tude. We got her from a new breeder in Canada.




“RoyalDolls Lady Godiva Coventry of AngelGirls”
(This link above will show you her pedigree!)

Seal MINK Mitted ~ SBT 100909-031 ~ RAG n 04-32

Dam: RoyalDolls Lady Camille – Seal MINK Mitted
Sire: Kajowa Jersey of Royaldolls – Seal Colorpoint
Tests: Negative for FELV, FIV, and heart murmurs in 2010. Distemper, booster, and rabies given yearly.
Additional Tests: DNA color-tested, PKD and HCM Normal (Negative) with certificates: 02/18/11
Color/Pattern: Dominant Seal (BBDD) -Mitted (S2s) MINK = (cbcs)
Traditional Ragdolls are designated as c
scand Sepia as cbcb
Blood Type: N/b = Cat is a carrier of B factor, serotype = Type A or AB. (She is AB). ~ All Results from UC-Davis 02/18/11

  Lady Godiva is our first mink Ragdoll!  We were not planning on having minks, but we fell in love with her the minute we saw her.  She is very large, feels like a mink coat, and is sugary, super sweet. She is usually the first to greet anyone at the door. She has fabulous caribbean blue eyes (which are a tad aqua) and perfect show quality mitted markings. Her eyes are only exceeded by her wonderful bunny soft coat and her fabulous Ragdoll personality. She is a cuddle bug who loves to have her belly rubbed, and her kittens are beautiful and very, very friendly too. When mated with what is termed a traditional Ragdoll, she will have approximately half mink and half traditional kittens. We predict that Minks are going to be accepted for show status in CFA and TICA, and we think Lady Godiva is going to show that MINKS are here to stay. More information on minks on our new “Mink Angel” page.



MINK Seal Lynx Colorpoint ~ SBT 081611 052 ~ RAG n 21-32

(Scarlett O’Haira, our loving seal lynx mink colorpoint, is known as ‘Scarlett’)

Scarlett is a MINK with the LYNX pattern.

“AngelGirls Scarlett O’Haira”
(This link above will show you her pedigree!)

Seal MINK Lynx Colorpoint (Classic Tabby)~ SBT 081611-052 ~ RAG n-21-32
Dam: TruBlueDolls Luca Belle – Seal Lynx Mitted
Sire: TruBlueDolls Rhett Butler of AngelGirls – Seal MINK Mitted

Scarlett is our seal colorpoint lynx MINK ~ RAG n-21-31. BBDD
TICA Purebred Ragdoll SBT #081611-052.

Scarlett is our MINK Lynx Seal colorpoint girl. Scarlett doesn’t know any outlook but rosey-posey! She is super-uber sweet, just like Lorelei. The two girls are not even related, but they seem like soul sisters! They both adore the doggies and rub against our legs and the dogs legs all the time, while purring up a storm. She just wants to show everyone how much love she has to give! Not a bad trait! She was born on August 16, 2011.



Talia is a MINK TORTIE, which means she has red (flame) and Seal that are deepened by MINK.

 MINK Seal Flame Tortie Colorpoint ~ SBT 120713-021  ~ RAG n 32-Oo

(Talia, our mink fluff-muffin, is known as ‘Tally’)

“AngelGirls Vie Talias Secret”
(This link above will show you her pedigree!)

Dam: Angelgirls  Scarlett – MINK Seal Lynx Colorpoint Girl
Sire: AngelGirls Prince Valiant  – Cream Bicolor Boy
Color/Pattern: Seal Flame Tortie Colorpoint
Blood Type: Parents were both A

Talia is our mink fluff-muffin. She is known as ‘Tally’ to us. Tally is a Seal Mink Tortie, which means she has red (flame) and Seal that are deepened by MINK.





Crack O’Noon Snow Flurry of AngelGirls
(This link above will show you her pedigree!)

Blue-Eyed White (BEW) {White over Seal carrying Blue W-BBDd} ~ SBT 001111 24 ~ Rag W

Dam: AdorableRagdoll Snow Bird
Sire: OverlandTrail Derringer of CrackONoon
Snow Flurry has the personality of a loyal and loving golden retriever!  Her father was the full brother to the second best Ragdoll in the world in 2008! Snow has the perfect Ragdoll personality and is a happy girl who follows everyone around. Her eye color is the best deep blue and she has huge and fluffy kittens with her same friendly personality. She is an Angel, and a love to have in the family.



Blue-Eyed White (BEW) {White over Blue carrying Chocolate W-Bbdd}
~ SBT 080113 024 ~ Rag W

“AngelGirls Cold Enya Furr Snow”
(This link above will show you her pedigree!)

Dam: Crack O’Noon Snow Flurry of AngelGirls 
Sire: AmberGlades Adonis of AngelGirls
Color/Pattern:  White over Blue
Blood Type: Parents were both A

Enya is a gorgeous and sweet Blue-Eyed White Ragdoll. Her parents are Adonis and Snow Flurry. She has the same personality as her mother and seems like an adorable golden retriever! Enya inherited her father’s big and beautiful frame, and has had stunningly beautiful kittens for us that are all super fluffy!



(All pictures and text is the property of AngelGirlRagdolls, unless otherwise noted. Permission for use can be granted by request only.)


“Angel Girls Absolut Prince”
(This link above will show you his pedigree!)

Prince was the second best lilac bicolor for 2008 in TICA ~ Lilac Point Bicolor ~ RAG C 03 

Dam: AngelGirls Princess Annaliese (Blue Bicolor – SBT 031106 042 – See on “Angels We’ve Loved” page)
Sire: TICA Triple Grand Champion and 3rd Best Blue Point Bicolor in the North East Region, and CFA Champion WillowTreeRags’ Hans Donsen (Blue Bicolor- SBT 102405 012)
Tests: October 2008; Negative for FELV, FIV, FIP, and heart murmurs. Distemper, booster, and rabies.
Color/Pattern: Lilac (bbdd) Bicolor Mid High White (S4S2)
Blood Type: A

Absolut Prince was just born beautiful! In addition, he was also born calm and friendly. He has the most laid-back attitude and gets along with everyone. He is SO white that he almost looks pure white! He went to a TICA show and the judges loved his look! He was very happy there with all of the extra attention, and he was chosen as one of TICA’s best cats for 2008. His father is a triple grand champion in TICA, regional winner, and a Champion in CFA, WillowTreeRags’ Hans Donsen, and his grandmother was the second best Lilac Lynx bi-color in all of TICA for 2007, our LapAngel Anastasia Aurora of AngelGirls (see “Angels We have Loved” for pictures and more information). He is the best example of a lilac we have seen, and he is SO well marked, and so easy to handle. You just look at him and he starts to purr. He produces stunning lilac and dilute kittens, and is also the father of many of our girls. Because of this he has been retired, but is the father and grandfather of most if not all of our Angels.


“AngelGirls Champagne Bubbles”
(This link above will show you his pedigree!)

Blue Bicolor ~ RAG a 03

Dam: AngelGirls Snow White Bunny(Blue Pt. Bicolor)
Sire: AngelGirls Absolut Prince, and 2nd best lilac bicolor in all of TICA for 2008 (Lilac Pt. Bicolor)
Color/Pattern: Blue/High Mitted Bicolor (S2S2)

Bubbles is a super-friendly love muffin, and the sweetest boy. He is a lover, not a fighter, and adores everyone! He is always rubbing against visitors legs asking to be picked up, and begins purring when he is held. He is calm in every situation, and even stays still when he is bathed for shows. He has huge paws and has never used them on anyone… He has the exact personality of a Ragdoll that had us falling in love with them in the first place! He is great with dogs, people, and other cats. He is uber-curious about everything! His father was champion Absolut Prince, the second best lilac bicolor in 2008. He roams free in our house as he is a non-sprayer.




“AngelGirls Prince Cloud”
(This link above will show you his pedigree!)

Blue Bicolor ~ SBT 031106 046 ~ RAG a 03

 Dam: LapAngels Anastasia of AngelGirls (Blue bicolor – SBT 042104 059 – Second best lilac lynx bicolor in TICA in 2007)
Sire: Lonerock Chocolate Dust (stunning chocolate mitted with blaze – SBT 052503 037 – male on our “Colors” page)
Tests: Negative for FELV, FIV, and heart murmurs.
Color/Pattern: Blue Bicolor
Blood Type: A
Prince Cloud is a gorgeous boy, and yet he is SO unassuming! He loves to chase balls and is always chasing the dogs, or cuddling up with them in his forever home. We wanted to keep him, but we can only keep so many males, as whole males generally don’t like competition for the ladies. Therefore, he is owned by a client of ours who shows Ragdolls in TICA, and we still have our girls “go on dates” with him from time to time. He is a non-sprayer, as most of our boys have been. He is just a sweetie. He loves to cuddle, and he is his new mommies pride and joy. She named him Prince Cloud because she said he chases all the clouds away, and yet he reminded her of a fluffly blue cloud. His kitty mommy was TICA’s second best lilac lynx in 2007, Anastasia, on our “Angels We’ve Loved” page, and since his father was a rare and stunningly handsome chocolate, Cloudy proves to be a Blue who carries lilac! He has also tested negative for HCM and PKD, but the veterinarian tested him and the others at the time under the names of Kitty 1, Kitty 2, etc., and (they were all negative) therefore we tell you this, but do not post it above.



“Echoglen Pounce DeLeon of AngelGirls”

~ Quadruple and Supreme Grand Champion ~ Seal Bicolor – SBT 082107-015 ~ RAG n 03 

Dam: Champion Rockabillyrags Maryann (Seal Mitted ~ SBT 111504-005)
Sire: Double Grand Champion Rockcreek Justin of Echoglen (Blue Bicolor ~ SBT-01406-006)
Tests: Negative for FeLV, FIV, heart murmurs, and Echocardiogram performed by Dr. Wallach in CA. – 06/01/08.
Color/Pattern: Seal Bicolor (BbDD)/High Mitted (S2S2).
Blood Type: A



We are honored that Echoglen allowed us to bring their Quadruple Grand Champion into our home.  Pounce has turned out to be the sweetest boy in the world.  We are happily surprised to find out that he doesn’t spray!  He is a sweet, perfect gentleman.  He is kind and loving with everyone…People, female and male cats, and our dogs.  He loves to find a spot in the sun and curl up on his back. He loves to be stroked and cuddled, and has a wonderful purr machine.  He is very quiet and reminds us of James Bond; handsome, strong, and a total ladies man, complete with his perfect black and white tuxedo!  He has absolutely amazing eye color, and a plush soft coat.  He weighed almost 12 pounds when he came here, and he is now 20 pounds!  This Boy is AMAZING… I can’t thank Laura enough! And we have several of his daughters now who produce outstanding show quality kittens, just like him!



“Angelgirls Decadent Chocolate Hershey”
(This link above will show you his pedigree!)

~ Above is our young (2011) dilute Chocolate (bbDd) male.
~ Recessive brown gene, Dense color showing, otherwise known as a dilute black allele (bb), and brown allele showing (Dd).

Chocolate Bicolor (HM) – SBT 071310-059 ~ RAG b 03

Dam: AngelGirls CoCo Chanel, daughter of seal colorpoint, AngelGirls Arabella Bordeaux (on “Angels We’ve Loved” page) who is the daughter of WillowTreeRags Apollo Amade, TICA’s Quadruple Grand, and Supreme Grand Champion, and CFA’s FIRST ever seal mitted Grand Champion!
Sire: AngelGirls Prince Shadow, son of Second Best Lilac Bicolor in TICA for 2008, AngelGirls Absolut Prince (on “Angels We’ve Loved” page) who is the son of TICA’s Triple Grand Champion, WillowtreeRags Hans Donsen!
Tests: Negative for FeLV, FIV, heart murmurs, and DNA negative for HCM and PKD. DNA color and blood typed.
Color/Pattern: Chocolate dilute (bbDd)/High Mitted (S2S2)
Blood Type: A

Funny how things turn out… We kept Hershey to be a neutered show boy, and we never even knew he was already courting the ladies! He has absolutely amazing eye color for a dilute, and a wonderful soft coat.  He is now the main stud for a small breeder in the midwest.




“AngelGirls Prince Charming”

Blue Bicolor (High Mitted S2S2) – SBT 110411-034 ~ RAG a 03 

Dam: RidgeCreek Chloe Rose of AngelGirls (Blue Lynx Mitted ~ SBT )
Sire: Rags2Riches Loki (Blue Mitted ~ SBT )
Tests: Negative for FeLV, FIV, heart murmurs, and DNA negative for HCM and PKD. (UC-Davis – 3/27/12)
Color/Pattern: Blue (BBdd)/Bicolor (High Mitted – S2S2) (UC-Davis – 3/27/12)
Blood Type: A  (UC-Davis – 3/27/12)



Here at AngelGirls, we almost exclusively sell pet kittens, as we would worry so much over a baby of ours if it was sold as a breeder, as they do not always have the best lives.  However, we end up selling such gorgeous show quality Angels that we know  would be such great additions to the Ragdoll gene pool.  Every once and a while we keep one of these boys and have a litter or two until we can truly find someone willing to take them to shows were they can show off their beauty and great personalities.  Prince Charming was one we couldn’t bare to part with.  We kept a few kittens from Prince charming, and then we finally let Cecilia (who really wanted to not only love him, but take him to shows) enjoy his wonderfulness!  He didn’t do just fine, he became the #1 Show Season Top Winning Ragdoll in CFA for 2014 and 2013. He is the CFA Grand Champion and overall CFA Breed Winner for Ragdolls in 2014; and he did all of that in only two shows. He is the father of our Prince Valiant, a cream bicolor, who produced some of our amazing tortie girls who continue to pass on these amazing genes.  We miss the way Charming would chirp and coo at us, but we are happy he is finally getting the recognition he deserves…

 “Charming won Supreme Grand Champion in just two shows!”




“AmberGlades Adonis of AngelGirls”

Lilac Bicolour (Mid High White S4S2) – SBT 011611-034 ~ RAG c 03

 Dam: Grand Champion Amberglade Kieesha (Blue Mitted)
Sire: TruMagic Excaliber (Lilac Bicolor)
Tests: Negative for FeLV, FIV, heart murmurs, and DNA negative for HCM and PKD.  (UC-Davis – 3/27/12)
Color/Pattern: Lilac Dilute (bbdd)/Mid High White (S4S2) (UC-Davis – 3/27/12)
Blood Type: A (UC-Davis – 3/27/12)



We have wanted a lilac true bicolor, unrelated to all of our girls and we finally found him!  It took months of searching and planning, to get this wonderful boy from Ely in Australia! She made the trip as easy as a flight across the ocean can be, and it’s not a piece of cake! Nor is it in-expensive! We drove up to New York City to pick him up from International Cargo for live animals!  (we included the first picture we took of him landing in America in the slideshow!) Adonis came out of his cage purring and ready to be my new best friend!  He has a HUGE solid head and bulky body, which are difficult to get on lilacs, and we are SO pleased about it!  He started at four pounds and ended up at 18 pounds! We are fortunate that we found this cuddly marsh-mellow. We are happy to produce some TRUE BICOLOR (not high mitted)  Ragdolls now at AngelGirls! And like with all of our boys, we are keeping his female prodigy!



“AngelGirls Romeo Atlas”

Seal Lynx Mitted – SBT 041812-082 ~ RAG n 03

Dam: TruBlueDolls Trinity of AngelGirls (Seal Lynx Bicolor ~ SBT 100610-039)
Sire: Amberglade Adonis of AngelGirls (Lilac Bicolor ~ SBT-011611-034)
Tests: Negative for FeLV, FIV,HCM & PKD 09/03/13
Color/Pattern: Seal Lynx Mitted (BbDd) (S2s)
Blood Type: A



Romeo is a beautiful seal lynx mitted boy who is all personality.  He thinks he is one of our own children!  He can not get enough petting and love and attention from us.  He is the first to greet us in the morning, and the last to meow goodnight.  There isn’t a girl he hasn’t won over with his sweet demeanor and his kitty kisses. Since he is such a love muffin, we only wanted to keep him until he sired a few litters and then find him a furrever family to take him in. I mean, this boy was meant to be someone’s pet who gets nothing but love and attention all day long. His babies have all been so fluffy and gorgeous, and we kept a boy from him, as well as several wonderful girls that ass on that fluff and lovable personality! 



“AngelGirls Prince Valiant”

Red Bicolor – SBT 010413-028 ~ RAG f 03

Dam: Jazzmania Carissa of AngelGirls (Blue Cream Tortie Bicolor ~ SBT 101705-000)
Sire: AngelGirls Prince Charming (Blue Bicolor ~ SBT-041811-079)
Tests: Negative for FeLV, FIV,
Color/Pattern: Cream Bicolor (dd) S2S2
Blood Type: A



Valiant is our stunning, large, and fluffy cream bicolor boy. He is Supreme Grand Champion (SGC) AngelGirls Prince Charming’s’ son and a wonderful boy! Valiant is so sweet and cute, that no one who meets him can resist him. I could not resist him from the moment I laid eyes on him. He is an exceptionally affectionate baby boy. He is so devoted to us, and especially my husband. He only has eyes for his people. Valiant loves to sleep in sunbeams and can always find a nook between my husbands arms to curl up in. He purrs like a lawnmower when you pet him and even while you groom him. Valiant is slow to warm up to strangers, but if you show him you’re kind and he decides you are one of his people, his love knows no bounds. He also has a mischievous side, and is full of energy. Not many breeders have red or cream boys, and we have really enjoyed adding tortie and red and cream to our beautiful options in kitty colors!



“AngelGirls CatzaNova”

Seal MINK Lynx Bicolor – SBT 030513-040 ~ RAG n 03-21 

Dam: AngelGirls Scarlett (Seal MINK Lynx Colorpoint ~ SBT 081611-052)
Sire: Amberglade Adonis of AngelGirls (Lilac True Bicolor ~ SBT 011611-034)
Tests: Negative for FeLV, FIV,
Color/Pattern: Seal carrying blue and chocolate (BbDd) True Bicolor (S4s) Lynx 21 Mink 32
Blood Type: A



CatzaNova is another of our home grown gorgeous baby boys! A sweet and loving MINK, with that amazing striped markings known as LYNX. And that is only the beginning, this rare boy is also a Seal carrying blue and chocolate, which means he can produce lilac kittens too! Catza Nova fathers ragdoll kittens in all four traditional colors of seal, blue, lilac, and chocolate, as well as some with lynx markings or mink fur! This has given so many wonderful options! He is super sweet and friendly, and loves to play fetch and snuggle. You have no idea how smart these cats are until you have one that wants to play fetch with you! CatzaNova loves nothing more than to chase fluffy mice and soft toys he can carry in his mouth and drop at our feet. We love that his intelligent and playful personality will pass on to his offspring.



“AngelGirls Captain Jack Sparrow”

Seal Mitted ~ SBT ~ RAG
Trubluedolls Trinity of AngelGirls, RAG n 03 21 (Seal Lynx Bicolor)
Fureverrags Don Johnson, RAG a 03 (Blue Bicolor)
Negative for FeLV, FIV,HCM & PKD
Seal (BBDd) Mitted (S2 s) , Rag N 04
Blood Type:


 “Captain Jack”


~ Distant Relatives ~

The following are parents of our Angels, but not from Angel Girls. We just love to put a face to a name, don’t you?

Rags2Riches Loki

Blue Point Mitted Traditional Ragdoll

SBT 071006-041
Big blue mitted male

RoyalDolls Nicodemus

SBT 081005-021
Large Seal Lynx Bicolor

Overland Trails Derringer

Father of Snow Flurry, and a beautiful seal mitted boy


Crack O’Noon Snow Bird

Mother of Snow Flurry and all of the Blue-Eyed Whites at AngelGirls

~ More to Come as we collect them ~

Autumn Angel Lily ~ Gabriella’s mother, a seal colorpoint

Blueyed Romeo ~ Gabriella’s father, a lilac colorpoint

AustinFarms Dimitri ~ Aurora’s Father, a lilac mitted


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