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Here are a list of items you will need to collect for your new kitten or cat!


1.  Premium Dry Cat Food

Science Diet Optimum Care

1.  Premium Dry Cat Food  –  When your angel comes to you, they will be eating Science Diet Optimum Care for young adults.  We recommend that you BUY at least one bag of Science Diet if you get one of our babies.  It contains vitamins and minerals needed for your baby angel when they are young. Ragdolls have sensitive stomachs until about six months of age, so we recommend you stay with this food for the first six months with you.


2. Wet Canned Cat Food

Friskies Savory SHREDS Turkey & Cheese Dinner in Gravy

2. Wet Canned Cat Food – Almost all of our kittens like this wet food. Please Buy some!  Food is a wonderful way to help bond and build trust with your kitten, and it is essential you have at least a few cans for those first few days of transition. We recommend you buy at least seven cans of Friskies Turkey and Cheese and feed your kitten half a can in the afternoon. If they clean the plate, then feed them the whole can at lunch. You can experiment with other brands and types once they are over four months old, as their digestive systems are heartier at that point.


3.  Cat Food Feeder

Petmate Pet Cafe Feeder – 6 lbs

3.  Cat Food Feeder – Our first choice, is the Petmate Pet Cafe Feeder, size 6 pounds, or the medium size. A feeder that holds more food means that you as an owner do not have to pour dry food every day, and since many people UNDER feed their sweet Ragdolls, who never overeat, we really like a feeder that keeps dry food always available. We have NEVER, EVER, EVER seen an overweight ragdoll. You MUST leave dry food and fresh water out for them at all times, please!

If you are determined to get “CUTE” bowls, please keep the food bowl full and the water bowl cleaned. Cute bowls mean you will need to add food and refresh the water EVERY DAY! Ragdolls don’t seem to care for stainless steels bowls, although we own some of these. They prefer porcelain, but will accept plastic. has many cute options.


4.  Water Bowl Feeder

4.  Water Bowl as a Drinking Fountain


5.  Scratching Pad


6.  The Litter your Baby is Used To Using

The Worlds Best Cat Litter

7.  Litter – Buying the same brand of kitty litter that we use here is a good idea as well, as the sight and texture will be what your kitten is accustomed to, and this familiarity could possibly prevent a few accidents. We use a wonderful corn-based litter that is flush-able and causes little to no dust! We have tried many and this is our favorite. Best of all, if they eat any of it while grooming their paws, it is digestible. Clay clumping litter is NOT digestible or flush-able!  You may want to use a different litter, but even if you have a cat using a different litter, you MUST start with this litter as it is what our Angels are used to, and good habits start from good beginnings!


8.  Litter Boxes

The Top Cat Litter Boxes

As rated by finicky cat lovers…
A. Whisker City Cat Jumbo Two Compartment Litter Pan

Whisker City Cat Jumbo Litter Pan

This cat litter box is the most popular one here. It receives rave reviews for it’s size and quality. It boasts a 30 pound cat litter capacity! This big-boy was made with large and multiple-cat households in mind.

Pet owner review comment:

“This very large litter box is wonderful…just make sure you have the room for it. I have 3 cats and 6 litter boxes, I have a very large male cat (18 lbs) and originally bought it for him, but all my cats use this box, in fact it is the only box they have been using since I bought it. It is not as sturdy or thick as a smaller litter box, not sure why. I do like the two pockets but they could be larger, they are great to hold bags for the kitties waste.”

Another review comment:

“This is the best litter box that I have ever purchased. It has no corners where wet litter can accumulate. The curved surface makes cleaning very easy. The size of the box is perfect and keeps litter from being scattered on the floor. I have a pet charity that does cat rescue and adoptions. It used to take me 45 minutes to clean all of the litter boxes. It now takes less than 15 minutes. I have recommended it to other fosters in our group and they all love it.”


B. Omega Paw Cat Litter Box

Omega Cat Litter Box

Introducing the wildly popular Omega Paw self-cleaning litter box. With the fabulous reviews it gets, it is a true bargain, with a reasonable price tag. It uses a roll-away method, no electricity or filters.

For those who have considered an automatic litter box but have been discouraged by prices, this might be the perfect choice. This unit receives an average rating of 4.5 stars, based on 387 reviews and counting! That is a lot of reviews, because this is a best seller among cat owners.

Pet owner review comment:

“We’ve had this litter box for 2 months now and absolutely LOVE it!! It takes less than 30 seconds to have a completely clean box and disposal of the waste is a breeze….

The cats had no problem getting used to the box. It works exactly as advertized and is actually easier to clean than we had expected. We highly recommend this box if you’re looking for a quick, easy and mess free way to keep your cat’s litter box clean.”


C. NATURE’S MIRACLE High Sided Cat Litter Box


Our favorite litter box is almost identical to this one. Leo loves how big it is, and I love how deep it is. It has a nice smooth bottom for easy scooping, too.

With the super high sides, and easy entrance/exit, I find clean up a breeze, and stray kitty litter is reduced.

With an average 4+ star review, this simple box does the job.

Pet owner review comments:

“I bought two, one for each cat, but I probably could have used one as they are very spacious litter boxes. They make it so much better for my two babies and I don’t have to clean them twice a day.”

“I was having a hard time finding a hoodless litter box with sides that I considered high enough. When I first found this, I thought it felt a bit flimsy, but it’s held up well! My cat is a litter box-scratcher, and this has sustained a few good scratches since we got it, but I don’t imagine it needs to be replaced for awhile. It washes out nicely when I change the litter, and it doesn’t hold odours! We’re really quite happy with it”


D. NATURE’S MIRACLE Advanced Hooded Cat Litter Box

Hooded Cat Litter Box

For those who prefer a covered cat litter box, reviewers conclude this large box is a solid choice. A covered box can be the perfect solution for a cat who likes to dig and make a mess, at a reasonable price.

Pet owner review comment:

“I bought this because one of my cats is pretty large (20 pounds) and there aren’t many covered boxes on the market for the big cats. I’ve had mine well over a year and it’s worked great and no issues. Again, the large space inside is perfect for my cats–highly recommend it. Cats need a good amount of space inside to do their business/feel comfortable. I will be buying a new one very soon–highly recommend!”

We’ve included a variety of cat litter boxes, to suit the needs of every household. There are large, extra large and jumbo selections. If you have a Maine Coon kitten, you’ll soon find him outgrowing a standard size litter box!

You’ll want one box per cat, plus one extra. Many cats don’t like to share cat litter boxes. The mats are extra handy at keeping the litter “contained”, especially if you are using natural cat litter.

For much more on the subject, check out our page on Litter Box Care. It deals with choosing a type of box, where to place it, and much more.


Cat litter boxes are no one’s favorite chore, but hopefully this selection will get you on your way to making it as tidy and painless as possible!



1.  Cat Carrier



2.  Cat Carrier Liner


3.  Kitten Toys



AVID Microchips

As a service upon request, we can have your kitten microchipped for you and provide you with the paperwork to enroll them in Avids Pet Track recovery program. We highly recommend that either you have your baby microchipped here, or that you have it done by your vet at your first visit. This will allow you peace of mind if your Angel ever takes a walk “on the wild side.”




Please see our “What Your Angel Needs” page HERE!

Before bringing your kitten home, you’ll want to stock up on some necessities. Check with us on our “What Your New Angel Needs” page HERE

Here’s a list of some other recommended kitten gear that you may want to have on hand before the big day:



Your Angel Kitten will come with his or her very own carrier and pad as part of their travel package. Inside your kitten’s new carrier will be a liner with the scent of his or her mother and litter mates and an assortment of your babies favorite toys. We recommend you remove the door from the carrier once you arrive home and leave the carrier accessible so your new baby will have a place to sleep if he or she desires.



Your kitten should be provided with fresh food and water, preferably in metal or ceramic dishes. Be sure to monitor them closely to make sure that they are eating and drinking, though they might do neither for a few hours after you first bring them home. We recommend both food and water dishes be emptied and washed daily to prevent bacteria and germs from accumulating. Also, you need to carefully monitor that your new arrival is eating. Tip their mouth into their food dish if they are not showing any interest. Many times a little ‘taste’; will activate eating. If not, using human baby food works great!


You’ll want to have a litter tray ready and waiting and introduce your new kitty to it immediately. There are several different types to choose from and many people like the covered variety, as it prevents litter from scattering to the four corners of the room at the first scratch of a paw. Your kitten will already be litter-box trained, but a new environment often creates more accidents. If your kitten does have an accident, don’t scold, and wipe it up with a paper towel and then place the paper towel in the litter tray. After a little repetition, this will show your kitten that the correct place to use the potty is in the litter box. Don’t punish your kitten, as this will only cause him or her to not go in front of you. Kittens are very sensitive to odors so scooping twice a day will encourage regular use of the litter pan.


A brush or a comb, and nail clippers will come in handy. You won’t be using them during the first week, but after your kitten is all settled in, you’ll want to establish a grooming routine.


A good, sturdy sisal rope or carpet-covered cat tree can be a huge asset to any cat lover’s home, as the scratching post will stand up much better to needle-sharp little claws than your nice sofa or curtains. Make sure to get one that is at least 2 and a half-feet tall with a heavy base that won’t tip if your kitten gets a little enthusiastic. At AngelGirl Ragdolls, we also introduce our kitties to the cardboard scratchers.