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BABIES here eat Royal Canin’s Dry Kitten Food


It contains vitamins and minerals needed for your baby angel when they are young.

After 8 weeks, we switch to Science Diet for Kittens.

We start mixing these two together and switch to Science Diet slowly by adding a little of the new food gradually to their old food. There is a we site that will give great instruction on how to best transition your pet. Read how to do it Here.

We have probably tried every brand of dry cat food that has protein as its main ingredient, and we have come to the decision that what we use and how we do it works really well for us, and our love muffins.

Royal Canin is not our favorite food for adult cats, but we love it for kittens being weaned from their nursing mothers, as it is high in fat, is made in small size nuggets that other cat brands have overlooked, and it is a nutrient dense food with high quality meat proteins and claims to have NO by-products, corn, wheat, gluten or soy. The label says there are no artificial flavors, colors, sugars or chemical preservatives. It is also sweet, which the kittens like, so as they age, we gradually mix in Science Diet.

ALL NEW OWNERS need to buy at least one bag of Science Diet for Kittens. Shown Below. Food can be purchased at PetSmart or PetCo, or online at

When our cats reach a year old, we transition them to Science Diet for Adults. Optimal Care. Shown below.


We have also found a cat food that seems to alleviate stomach problems and allergies in most Ragdolls. When someone tells us that their kitty has developed diarrhea since they have moved to their new home, or have switched to a brand they prefer, the first recommendation we make is to try using IAMS Digestive Care.




Your cat eats the same food every day. The brand you feed is your cat’s main source of nutrition and it is vital to a long and healthy life.

So it makes sense to look past attractive labels and clever marketing ploys when deciding which food to buy.

Although you may think all pet food manufacturers have your pet’s best interests in mind, this is not always the case. Just like veterinarians, these stores are businesses first and foremost. They make money by providing things you think you need. Current pet food regulations allow manufacturers to use ingredients that you would never knowingly give to your pet. Check the labels and buy a food with the least amount of carbohydrates and fillers, and the most protein and fat. Don’t forget fat; it is important! It helps with their digestion, their skin, their coat and fur, and their teeth and gums. Gluten-free choices fit this bill perfectly.

In fact, you may be shocked to learn what some brands of cat food really contain. For example: the use of by-products (feet, bones and intestines, etc.), chemical preservatives (BHA and BHT) and grains that are often difficult to digest (corn, wheat, gluten and soy), which are often used as a protein source instead of meat.

Basically, if you can afford it, you should buy premium dry cat food containing no by-products, chemical preservatives or unnamed protein sources. This means you want to read the labels for ingredients that are as close to a raw food diet, like their ancestors ate, as possible. We believe mixing brands offers the protection of making sure what one company may have missed being included in another brand. One of the brands we like below wasn’t including enough taurine in their food, and has now changed their recipes. If we had only been feeding that one brand, our cats would have been missing this vital element.

If you have a cat with a food intolerance, medical condition, special nutritional needs, or an allergy, keep in mind that there is no one solution for feeding cats, and your doctor, or your own experience and research should be your guide. Also keep in mind that cats have individual preferences just like us, and some cats may dislike these foods immediately, and others will tire of the same formula over time. Cats with intolerances do better sticking to one brand and flavor of food to not upset their stomachs. Keep in mind that the varieties that seem to cause the most problems are the ones with fish or chicken.


*Grains do not belong in cat food.

*Vegetables do not belong in cat food

Wheat, Rice, Corn, and Soy do not belong in cat food. These also tend to aggravate stomach problems and allergies.

If you want to get the best for your Angel, then buy the best dry food you can. We currently like Innova EVO and Wellness Core, but we know they are expensive. If money is an issue, consider mixing these better varieties with the cheaper one you like. And remember, a high protein, high fat, low carb variety (or gluten-free) cat food is best. This is the ultimate health guarantee you can give your Angel.



The water content of  food is also critical given the low thirst drive of the feline species.  Cats do not drink enough water to make up for the hydration deficit caused by eating dry food alone.  Studies have shown that when cats are fed water-rich diets (canned or homemade balanced diets) that mimic their prey (70% water), cats suffer fewer health issues.  Cats need wet foods with less than 10% of the calories from carbohydrates.  You want to look for brands that next have higher protein, and then fat content.

Provide a premium canned food once a day (or if you can’t, at least once a week) for additional water and protein in their diet.  Water is essential for life, and for some reason many cats do not drink enough water.  All canned foods contain an appropriate (high) amount of water which is critical for urinary tract health.  Cats are designed to eat a high protein (50% of calories or more), moderate fat (40% of calories or less), very low carbohydrate (1-2% of calories) diet.

Unfortunately this structure is at odds with the fact that carbohydrates and plant-based protein sources are cheaper for companies to buy, increasing their profit margins.

Wet food provides them with water.  We feed each cat at least one can of wet food a day.  They all have their favorites, and some like certain brands mixed.  Our cats usually like what we call “the McDonald’s fast food of the cat world” Friskies, so we will often this to flavor the better wet food brands.  Here are the brands we are currently using: Wellness Core, Natural Balance, Evo, Holistic Select, Performatrin Ultra, and two different Friskies flavors; Turkey and Cheese. 




A cat carrier in the medium size are the best. WE WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH A SMALL CARRIER FOR FREE! We select ones that we think are attractive and have good ratings. If you are flying, or the kitten is, then we will provide you with an airline approved carrier. Below are some of the carriers we have provided from time to time. We can’t ensure you get a particular carrier, as different ones are available at different times of the year. But if you tell us early  enough, we will try to accommodate your wishes!


The ones the cats prefer have a high edge all around the outside for kennel comfort and seem to come in white and dark grey, we also have them in pink and blue, which will come with your new bundle of joy!



Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litterbox: If you want an EASY way to clean litter without a scoop and shovel or all the dusty work… this is definitely the way we recommend to go for households with fewer cats. If you have more than three, you should consider the Litter Robot…fcc0afd6df35eeb7b8a9e894e7ff5608723cffb5b13e681a41b57f4868744f02

We love the rolling Omega Paw, but we have invested in Self Cleaning Litter Robots that rotate one minute after activation. This is the most sanitary litterbox on the market.



Cafe Feeder and Waterer

Good for households with any amount of cats. Just leave dry food and water out at all times for your Angel.


Drinkwell Drinking Fountain

Water actually falls down a small spout. Our cats love this! Has a reservoir option for more water storage, shown as the clear water container in the picture, and comes with a filter.



Catit- Drinking Fountain

A care-free waterer, in a circle bubble, keeps water circulating for freshness and the Filters are included and comes with a food bowl. We used to use this fountain but found the cats preferred the one above due to the falling water.



Our cats prefer the ball chasing one, but we have several.