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Kitten Deposit: $150.00
Reserving a Specific Kitten: $250.00
Reserving a Show or Breeder Quality Kitten: $500.00

{Yes! All deposits go towards the complete price of your kitten!}

Kitten Deposit: The initial payment is your deposit. All deposits are non-refundable. An initial deposit is required to be considered for any one of our kittens. Again, a deposit is never lost. It will always be available to go towards a kitten at any time that is convenient for you and your family.

“I’m a lilac mommy with my babies!”

Reserving a Specific Kitten: If there is a particular kitten you want, the deposit is $250.00. This deposit goes towards the total price of your Ragdoll! (If the kitten you want is no longer available at the time the deposit is placed, we will return your deposit! (This is the only instance in which we return deposits.) Non-refundable deposits are expected with ragdoll breeders. This standard practice has no exceptions; but we err on the side of what is reasonable.


“Hi! I am a Lilac MINK Lynx Mitted. Ain’t I cute?”


If you have placed a Kitten Deposit and then see a PARTICULAR Kitten You Are In Love With, You Have First Dibs! Please include which kitten you want in your additional $100.00 dollar deposit when using PayPal.

Truthfully, social little Ragdolls are happiest in pairs, unless someone is in the home most of the day. Just letting our would-be parents know. We do offer discounts on second kittens.

“We are two chocolate mitted love muffins!”

Payment Schedule Example

* $150.00 = Kitten Deposit
* Kitten Selection = $250.00 or more towards the kitten price

* Monthly Payments Expected!
* More than half of Purchase Price HAS to be paid before delivery.  

 Once you have chosen a particular ragdoll, additional payments up to the total cost of the kitten begin. We generally allow you to make payments as is comfortable for you. If you do not make any payments, and we can not get a hold of you, we will have to assume that you have lost interest in your precious baby. In this rare instance we would re-advertise your Angel for sale.
Don’t let this Happen to You!



– Deposits are NEVER Lost at AngelGirls! We have been around for over a decade and a half, so we aren’t going anywhere. This is a labor of love. You can leave your deposit to be applied to another kitten from another litter at any time.

 Kitten Price Change:

– No one mind’s when we drop the price of a kitten, so let’s move on!

– We try to determine show/breeder kittens as early as possible, but we are frequently pressed to post kittens and prices before show potential can be evaluated.  It doesn’t help that Ragdolls are born all white, and are the slowest developing cat breed! So, we usually do not know the quality of a kitten when we are forced to determine a price early. We can not know if they are show quality until they are clearly over two months old. In this case, the pet price on a kitten may become unavailable, (as long as they are not RESERVED yet!) or they may be re-marked as Show Quality with a higher price.

–  The GOOD NEWS! If you have already reserved one of these show kittens early, your price will not change and you will get a show kitty at a pet price!  This is one of the perks of having a deposit!

“I was Sold as a Pet although I am show quality… I am a Seal Lynx Mitted!”

“And here I am grown up. What do you think of Meow?” …


Two Kitten Discount:

– If you would like to Adopt Two Kittens, or you are a returning owner, we offer 10% or $150.00 off the second kitten, and $250.00 off any additional kittens.  This will not be applied to any sale kittens!

“Hi there! We were sold at pet prices, but we think we are ALL Show Quality! Don’t you agree?”

(Left to Right Above: Lilac Lynx Bicolor, Blue Colorpoint, Blue Lynx Bicolor)


About Available Kittens:

You can reach us under the CONNECT tab at the top of our website, on the very far right, if you are on a laptop or a desktop. If you are on a mobile device, you can CONNECT with us at the bottom of the page where it says “Contact Us”… OR JUST 

Click  HERE to Contact US

1} Please email us first via our web form! We use these forms to keep in touch with you!

2} If we do not have the type of kitten you want available, you can…
      a} place a deposit for a future kitten with PAYPAL, which takes first priority with us.
      b} or we can REFER YOU to reputable breeders that currently has kittens.

Interview Prior To Adoption:

   As responsible parents to our kittens, we will ask a few questions of our buyers to be sure we place the perfect kitten with you; please do not take offense at our questions! We want you to receive an Angel that suits your family and lifestyle as well as being sure our kitten is going to be in his or her “forever” home.
Some kittens LOVE other pets, some prefer the quiet life! Your family is unique, just like our Angels! As long as you are a caring and courteous person, you should not be concerned about the interview questions. We also ask for your vet’s name and number so if there are any questions later, we can quickly have a dialogue.


So you can feel you know a bit more about us before you answer our questions!…


Health guarantee and contract sale:

1) We provide support and advise for the life of the kitten! Many of you become our friends, if only over the phone. We like to hear about any sicknesses or problems. Many times we know better than your vet what will work for certain conditions. Don’t be shy to contact us before you go to the vet. We can save you money!

2) We also provide a 2 year genetic health guarantee for all the kittens that we sell,
which includes a “NO DECLAW” and an “INDOOR ONLY” stipulation.

Ragdolls are INDOOR CATS only! Declawing cuts their first knuckle off, and is unnecessary in this loving breed. Feel free to e-mail and ask or research this breed further online. If you wish an outdoor pet, check out some other breeds that may suit your needs better.



 Once you are ready to purchase an Angel Girl Ragdoll, we can take an online deposit using PAYPAL.  The deposit counts towards the price of your kitten.  We accept deposits using PAYPAL for your convenience.  It is completely safe and secure; and is the only way to ensure you get the kitten you want due to it’s speed.  Please double click on the “Pay Now” button for PAYPAL to make your automatic deposit towards a Ragdoll.


Remember that holding the kitten of your choice is determined on a first-come, first-serve basis, and PAYPAL makes almost instantaneous payments.

We will accept checks and cash. But they are not instantaneous, like PayPal.

TO ACCEPT PAYMENTS VIA CASH, CASHIER’s CHECK, or Regular CHECK (except at delivery).

 Please know that with as many requests as we get, especially when we post pictures of kittens, that on occasion we may talk to someone via email or phone, and then receive a PAYPAL payment for a kitten with someone else we have spoken to! It is hard to tell who seriously wants to purchase an Angel, and who is just ‘dreaming’ of owning an Angel until a deposit comes in.

“I am Dreaming of My Furr-Ever Home!”



A deposit puts you on a list to CHOOSE which kitten you want. We start at the top of the list.  If you do not want a kitten that is available, you will be moving up in the list for the next litter. A deposit assures you a chance to choose, but prices of kittens are firm. 


Occasionally we will have discounted kittens. A discount kitten will not be $500 or $600 dollars however. It costs us that much in vet visits, vaccinations, food, litter, and genetic testing.

We are a reputable breeder who extensively tests, provides consistent vet care, and purchases and raises champion-bred Ragdolls from all over the world. Usually there is a waitlist for these kittens. So you have to be willing to wait, and accept the color and pattern available. But yes, we do offer two kittens at a discounted price.

At least one of us is $950

(Left to Right above: Lilac Mitted, Seal Mitted, Blue Cream Tortie Mitted)


Our kittens do not leave until they are ready to become a beloved member of your family. This means when they are litter box trained, weaned and eating solid food… these things begin to happen between eight and 14 weeks of age, with the average being 10-14 weeks old. They will have received their age appropriate shots, and are accustomed to carpet-covered scratching posts and are completely weaned from their mothers before leaving. We show you all the things you will need to buy on the “Angels Need”… page.


We recommend searching for a vet before you bring your Angel Home. Check reviews online if you don’t know much about them. You may need to interview more than one on the phone to find one that makes you confortable. Think about what is important to you so that you can make sure that you and your vet’s views are aligned. For instance, if cost is a concern of yours, it’s important to us that a vet won’t nickel and dime you, and that they will provide you with costs upfront.

You will want to schedule a ‘wellness’ visit to your vet with your new baby, in order to assure that your kitten is in good health, and to provide them with the health records we will provide you.




Local pick-ups and delivery require that any remaining balance be paid in cash, and shipping require that the final payments have been made in advance. No checks will be accepted on the day of pick-up or delivery.


DELUXE: We will hand-carry your kitten to you via the airlines in cabin to anywhere in the world. You must 1) pay the price of the kitten (airlines allow two kittens to fly together for the price of one!) 2) pay for one adult round trip airfare ticket, 2) pay one nights accommodations in the destination city, or provide us a bedroom for the night, and 3) pay an additional $100 for paperwork and services.


WORRY-FREE: USA: We will arrange the flight for you via cargo on a Pet-Safe flight. This charge will be a flat $400.00 unless the airlines raise their charges. This includes everything… the paperwork, vet certificates, delivery to the airline, and carrier required for shipping.

GENERIC INTERNATIONAL: If you want your kitten to fly cargo overseas, there is a lot of paperwork. We charge $100 OVER the cost of obtaining these documents. The USDA certificate that has to be hand stamped is in another city, and  flying kittens require additional  vet testing, which you will be responsible for. Otherwise, we do not add any fee to international flights. Generally international shipping can vary from $500 to $1800 internationally, depending on the country and airlines. Two kittens can usually ship in the same carrier for the price of one, and we do offer a discount on the 2nd kitten purchased. If the kitten(s) travel alone, remember that they will probably either have to be cleared at an airline boarding facility between countries, adding days to the schedule, or some countries require long quarantines. DELUXE is another option that can cost about the same.

Do-IT-YOURSELF: You can make the arrangements yourself for  possibly less money if you do the leg work yourself. We will assist you with what we know if you choose to look for flights yourself. You will still need to pay for the paperwork for travel, as well as any long travel required by us.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(Above: One of our Blue Bicolor girl ragdoll kitten on the dining table)


$1500 – $2500 depending on color and pattern. Pet quality kittens are beautiful, healthy and loving. They generally are just not marked as perfectly as show quality. Pet kittens are sold without breeding rights. Price does not automatically include Spay/Neuter, although we usually have had pets spayed or neutered prior to leaving us. Pedigrees are not normally furnished with pet quality kittens, but can be obtained for a $10 fee. Breeding rights are not included in pet or show quality priced kittens. (Lilac and chocolate kittens cost more than blue and seal. Minks, Whites, well-marked lynxes and bi-colors also generally cost more. )

$2600 to $3500 depending on color and pattern. Lilac and chocolate kittens are more. If early Spay/Neuter has not happened prior to leaving us, then registration paperwork will be given upon receipt of written notification of neuter or spay from your vet. Show prospect quality kittens are nearly perfectly marked or have features which make them more likely (there are no guarantee’s) to do well in the show ring. Show prospect kittens are sold without breeding rights.

$3600 to $5600 Inquire for prices. Cost depends on quality, color, pattern, and our desire to hold the kitten back for our own program. Show/Breeder kittens have the qualities of the SHOW kittens but are also sold WITH Breeding rights. Any Angel Ragdoll who is breed without consent and rights will be liable for $1000.00 for breech of contract, plus the cost of rehabilitating the cat (price paid for cat) since the cat will be returned to AngelGirls for breech of contract. If the cat can not be returned, then full price of the cat, plus a minimum of $1000 for breech of contract will be pursued. Also, we prefer to sell pet kittens so we know our angels will be well-loved. We only sell a few breeders to people we trust. It is important to us that our babies are never mistreated or caged. This is a breach of our contract, and stipulates the return of our ragdolls.

E-mail for info. These range from around $500 to $950.  

Keep in Contact with Angel Girls!

We love to stay in contact with the wonderful families who have adopted our Angel babies. We love to hear updates from you and see your baby pictures! We can even place your pictures in our photo section if you like!

Feel free to E-MAIL us with any questions you have about purchasing an Angel Girl Ragdoll!

We will help you find answers to any questions you might have…

Please check our “Links” page for other places to inquire about Ragdolls, or to get more information.

We just love to share the wealth of the Ragdoll Breed!

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AngelGirl Ragdoll Owners Agree With Us!

Never Abandon Your Pet!
Indoor Only Is Best
Do Not De-Claw
Provide Vet Care
Micro-Chips Bring Pets Home
Smother with Love and Attention!

If you have any questions or comments after touring this little piece of heaven,
feel free to contact the human guardians of these Angels by contacting us HERE .

Enya and the White Ragdoll

“I’m a Blue-Eyed White ragdoll, just like the very first ragdoll momma, Josephine! Approximately half of my kittens will also be blue-eyed whites.”

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